Randomly pointing finger on a map

SpazioTempo. A random teleporter.

Remember as a child pointing your finger to a random spot on a map or a globe and dreaming about travelling to a foreign land? SpazioTempo takes you on a tour of curiosity around the world. Starting from the Greenwich Royal Observatory in London (the Meridian Zero) the website lands you on a array of casually selected places, which you can further explore or immediately abandon to move to yet another random place.

Play with this geographic roulette until you satiate your desires of planetary exploration! If your wanderlust is luring you to a specific spot you have visited, SpazioTempo can zoom in on a location and you can explore it further following a winding and random path. Select the Bring me there! button when you want to switch to the local view of a spot. Press Go Global to return to the random global exploration.

Siteseeing map.

A map of the 207092 locations (as displayed on Google Street View) visited so far on SpazioTempo, starting from 2012-01-04 - counting 206939 global visits (white dots) and 153 local views (cyan dots).

World Map

Why not turning SpazioTempo into your screensaver?

Three easy steps to make it real:

  1. Download one of these (free) screensavers for your system:
  2. Follow the instructions of the screensaver. Indicate this URL to get SpazioTempo running on your computer when it goes sleeping: http://spaziotempo.tinktank.it/screensaver.php

  3. Enjoy! :)


Author & Credits.

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David Boardman is designer and media artist. More at http://tinktank.it.

SpazioTempo uses Google Maps and GeoNames APIs, jQuery, FancyBox. The picture in this page header was originally taken by *midtownsky*.